Portable Offices – Portable Cabins

At In Site Accommodation we supply temporary site accommodation that can have a variety of different uses, such as, portable offices, site offices, portable cabin showers and portable cabin toilets. Temporary site accommodation is ideal for any company wishing to have temporary but fixed accommodation, due to renovation or building works.  We can deliver anywhere in USA and the cabin of your choice will be delivered ready for use.

A portable office or site office is a prime example of when a portable building is a perfect solution, the portable buildings come ready to be connected to the electricity and water mains and meetings can  be held in comfort rather than on a building site and all vital information and paperwork are kept in a safe secure environment. Onsite Accommodation has a vast selection of portable buildings of all measurements, so you can be sure that you will find a portable building that will suit your needs whether it is for site offices or just as portable cabins used for storage.

Here at Onsite Accommodation we understand that you may not wish to buy a portable cabin, and rather just rent it for the time required, that is why we have this option for all our clients, just fill out our inquiry form and we will get back to you with the details and prices. We also provide a range of anti vandal units, which can be used when security is a concern in a particular area.  We can provide anti vandal cabins for portable offices, site offices, portable toilet, portable showers and more, giving you the assurance that the contents are safe behind steel shuttered windows and a steel shuttered door.